Image of CYGNUS "Naws"


FT447 CYGNUS "Naws" cassette. The cousins of psych blues are back! (Glen Morren / Heath Moerland). A projection thru the airwaves of the lake surrounded Michigan wilderness. Real, channeled improvisational blues thru a reflected trip. A mirror hourglass. The grains of sand running thru a devise that is made up of sand itself. A silent, invisible storm inside; revealing the troubles of humankind and the revolting lighthouse of mirrors revealing our own personal terror and disgust for the world we live in. It is understandable. And if we cannot change it or shatter it the potential is there to assimilate with it while keeping individual integrity. If a dog ain't got no collar it can't have the blues. Add some yellow and you have green. Hand numbered, hand painted, sealed edition.