Image of BARF THOTH VS. SICK LLAMA "Clash System"


FT494 BARF THOTH VS. SICK LLAMA "Clash System" cassette. Who will come out the winner? Some "Action Mono" territory. Stereo channels A and B get taken over by both artists. Spoken word, tape manipulation, vox, electronics. Lyrics and sound. Fast food drive thru late knight speaker box at: Tolstoy
Bell, Dostoyevsky Donuts, Ayn Rand Hot Dogs, Jack In Th' Kerouac Boxxx, Philip K.F.C., Burger King, Long John Silver's, Arby's, Del Taco - the food chain bending waves into your car. The fact that you are out driving thru this world is really amazing. Making up stupid things that don't make sense is great! So yeah it's spoken word written by Heath Moerland and Sick Llama style soundtrack. Spaces. Lines with room to move. Exciting territory. I will be talking directly to you and playing music for you. It's about time that this clash happened. Hand painted, hand numbered edition of 20.