TRAAG "Ways To End The Day"

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FT446 TRAAG "Ways To End The Day" cassette. This warped on point techno duo is Travis Galloway and Chris Durham ( Siobhan, Roachclip, Quilt Boy etc....) Between us both keeping our label ALL GONE afloat and wasting away in the bleakness of the american nightmare, we have managed to maintain this project for a few years now despite the memories of TV programs "Moesha" and syndicated episodes of "Hercules" and "Xena the Warrior Princess" distracting the audio flow of the motorway. Driving down huge, bleak seven lane roads at night the city of Detroit gives the musical ear a damaged turntable rhythm, a complex and trafficless state of mind and a constant fear of running out of gas or blowing a tire. Just trying to make it home in one piece navigating thru a constantly changing grid. Hand numbered, hand painted, sealed edition.

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